National Robe Corporation

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altIn 1966, I was saved under the ministry of Bishop J.H. Covington and placed over a choir of fifteen members. The choir grew to a membership of one hundred and sixty over a period of a few years.
I immediately saw a need for robes, which would bring about a greater sense of uniformity. After I designed the first set of robes other churches began to inquire about robes for their choirs. Then an organization by the name of UPCOD was formed and asked me to design some vestments for them. This organization consisted of twelve Bishops who would need at least five vestments each. UPCOD was televised and the vestments were given quiet a bit of exposure. People from all over began to call and inquire about how they could purchase the unique designs seen on television.

I had found my niche! I developed a style of design that appealed to the Catholic Priests and African-American ministers alike, that could not be found in any other robe company. My designs became known nationally and instantly we became a hit. Well known organizations began to send for us to come to their location and design robes for them. Some of the organizations were National Baptist Convention, Full Gospel, Pentecostals and Apostles Worldwide (PAW) and the Pentecostal Churches of the Apostolic Faith Association (PCAF) in addition to the Methodist A.M.E. Zion and many others.

In 1993, we became incorporated and began making robes for judges in the area; Judge Henry Frye, Jr., Judge Richardson, Judge Hinnant, Judge Eagles, Judge Chuck White, Judge Hassell, Judge Ross, and Judge Allen, to name a few. From this exposure, we gained approval at the county and state levels and began making robes for judges in other states as well.

In closing, the Lord has allowed me to advance from a fifteen member choir, to a one-hundred sixty member choir, to serving my pastor, and then to serving many pastors and then into international trading. He has taken me from being faithful over a few things to being faithful over many, as He promised he would do in his word.

Josephine Bass