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The Investiture
The Investiture has a very long history...

The Bishops are wearing a CASSOCK. The robe of a servant. Modeled after the garment that Jesus wore. This is the garment that they gambled over as he hung on the cross.

CINTURE: Being placed around his waist, is symbolic of the towel, with which Jesus girded himself and began to wash the Disciples’


ROCHET: Symbolic to the Priesthood, the Priest in the Christian Church; we seldom use that name in reality for we are all Priests. Now we have one who stands before us in the office of Chief Intercessor. As the Priest carries the prayers of the people to God, the Prophet carries the Word of God Back to the people. Our Bishops tonight stand in the two-fold office as Priest and Prophet.
alt CHIMERE: Symbolic of the Prophet. In Elijah’s day they called it the Prophet’s mantle. You knew immediately that he was God’s messenger. As the Priest carries the prayers of the people to God, the Prophet carries the Word of god Back to the people. Our Bishops tonight stands in the twofold office as Priest and Prophet.

Pectoral Cross: Primarily the instrument of suffering on which Christ died and redeemed the world. It is symbolic for whatever pain and endurance that a Christian undergoes, and voluntarily accepts, in order to be joined with Christ and co-operate in the salvation of souls.
“If anyone wants to be a follower of mine, let him renounce himself and take up his cross and follow me” Matt. 16:24

Chain: Symbolic of endurance which emphasizes that the bearer is not a novice. As a gift to the Christ child, it symbolizes his kingship.

null The Ring: A token of covenant between the candidates and God. It is based upon the scripture concerning the prodigal Son and demonstrates favor upon the person who is wearing it. It is worn on the right hand and is a primary symbol of the Office of the Episcopacy.
Crozier (staff): Symbolic for the Shepherd’s staff given to Moses as he was exiled from Egypt. Symbol of authority and Strength.
“ ...thy rod and thy staff they comfort me”
Psalms 23:5

Cope: Worn as an outdoor garment symbolizing the Shepherds covering of the sheep from its nakedness and exposure.

Miter: Head dress for the Bishop. Peaks are cloven tongues of fire. Streamers are streams of everlasting living water that Christ offers to the believers.

Zucchetto: The small, round skullcap of the ecclesiastic, worn under the biretta, or miter.
Pope: White
Cardinals: Red
Bishops: Violet, Purple
Special Privileges- Black
Biretta: A square cap with three ridges or peaks. Worn by clerics of all grades from cardinals downwards. Worn during processions and when seated as also when the Priest is performing any act of jurisdiction. alt
alt District Overseer
– Royal blue
Light Blue Roman collar shirt
Black Cord
alt State Overseer
Navy Blue
Royal Blue roman collar shirt
White Cord
- Navy Blue
White roman collar shirt
White Cord
Bishop / Apostle Attire
Cassock, Cincture Belt, Rochet, Chimere, Cope, Miter- Roman Purple (OR) Purple
Roman Purple roman collar Shirt.

Optional: Short Cape, Biretta, zucchetto, chain & cross, Ring, and Crozier.

alt alt alt alt

Adjutant Attire

Graves Cassock-Black

Black roman collar clergy Shirt

White Suplice

Customized Bishop's seals and logos  may be embroidered on any garment

For inquiries, please call 1(800)707-9559.

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