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Placing Order PDF Print E-mail

Step 1. Choose your item of interest.

Step 2.
Fill out the order form with all necessary information. 

Step 3. Use the enclosed measurement form for required measurements.

Step 4. Read, sign and date the sales agreement form.

Mail or fax measurement form, sales agreement form and order form to:

National Robe Corporation
2302 Soabar Street
Greensboro, NC. 27406

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your order (or) you would like to call-in and place your order, please contact a sales representative at 336-547-0492 (or) 800-707-9559 between the business hours of 9:00 - 5:30 EST Monday through Friday and someone will be able to assist you.


1. Orders are scheduled when ALL required forms are received: a. Complete description of garment to be manufactured (including style number, color, accessories, etc.) b. Completed measurement form c. Required deposit (Acceptable payments: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Check, Cashier check, Money order)
2. All balances are to be paid prior to shipping. We provide ground shipping via UPS. Expedited shipping such as Next day or 2 day air, will incur an additional charge, please contact for prices.
3. Prices are subject to change without notice, please verify before placing order.
4. Gift Certificates are available in any dollar denominations with a 2 year from purchase expiration date.
5. Orders may be placed by phone, mail, fax, or in person. You are ALWAYS welcome to visit our place of business to see a display of our work
6. Measurements are retained on file for four (4) years
7. Brocades, fabrics, and trimmings are subject to availability. Any production delays due to availability, will be promptly communicated

Step 1.

Order Form

Apostle / Bishop / Pastor / Reverend / Elder / Doctor / Minister / Evang.
Please circle one

Name _________________________              Church Name ____________________________

Address _____________________________________________________________________

City _________________________ State ________    Zip Code ______________________

Home ________________________                              Work ___________________________

Cell __________________________                        Email ______________________________

Please list any other information you feel will aid us in placing your order.





If you would like to place your order with a credit card, you may include the necessary information below.

Name on card ______________________________________________________________ 

Complete billing address including _______________________________________________

City _________________________ State ________    Zip Code ______________________

Circle Type of card:         Mastercard   /   VISA   /   Discover   /   American Express                 

Credit card # ____________________________          Exp date _______        SVC code ______ (off back of card)

Amount to be charged $_______________

By signing below, you authorize National Robe Corporation to charge the stated amount above on the given credit card information above.

Signature ____________________________________________        Date ________________

National Robe Corporation

2302 Soabar Street             Greensboro, NC. 27406

local 336.547.0492      toll free 800.707.9559               

Website:             Email: CLOAKING


Step 2.

Measurement Form


Please use the form below to record your measurements and include this form with your order form, when placing an order

Measurement Form

Customer Name ___________________________________

Height ____________   Weight ___________              LADIES:  Dress size _______

MEN:  Suit size __________      Waist _______          Inseam ________


A. Full Length    _______         Measure from the back of the neck down to the ankle (6 inches from the floor)

B. Neck to waist _______       Measure from the back of the neck, down to the indention of the back at the waistline

C. Shoulders      ________      Measure from shoulder bone to shoulder bone, up around the back of the neck

D. Across the chest _____       OPTIONAL

E. Neck        ___________     Measure completely around the largest section of your neck.                                                                         *** You may also provide the neck measurement when you purchase a dress shirt.

F. Chest / Bust _______          Measure completely around the fullest portion of your chest (under the arms) w/ arms down at your sides.    This measurement should be done with a shirt on. Please allow 4 inches within this measurement

                                                (Ex. If the actual measurement is 54”, then you will report to us a chest size of 58”)

G. Waist    ___________         Measure completely around the fullest of your waist (above the navel and below the chest)

H. Hips   ____________         WOMEN ONLY!  Measure completely around the fullest portion of your hips, including the buttocks 

I. Sleeve length  _______         Measure from the shoulder bone to the wrist bone, as the arm is straight down at your side

J. Side to bust  ________         Measure from your side (under your arm) to the middle of your chest/breast

K. Shoulder to bust _____       Measure from the top of the shoulder down to the middle of your chest/breast

L.  Bust to Bust ________       OPTIONAL

M. Waist to Ankle ______       SKIRTS ONLY. Measure from the mid waist down to the ankle

N. Waist to Hip ________       OPTIONAL

O. Inseam/Out seam _____      PANTS ONLY.    Inseam: Measure from the inner thigh down to the desired length                               Outseam: Measure from the side waist down to the desired length

P. Wrist _________ 


Signature________________________________________________________ Date________________ 

click to download all instructions in pdf format


Step 3.

Sales Agreement

Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for completion of ALL individual order(s), and 8 to 10 weeks on group orders of 10 or more garments. RUSH orders (before 6 weeks) are accepted, please call for additional information and policy.
Before production will begin, ALL orders MUST have a signed and dated contract on file, accompanied by a 50% minimum NON-refundable deposit paid in full. The 6 to 8 week (60 day period) production time frame will start on the deposit payment date, NO EARLIER and NO EXCEPTIONS.
ALL orders completed with measurements taken by a NRC representative, will be processed under the manufacturer’s agreement (stated below).
ALL orders completed with client/customer measurements, which are phoned, emailed, or faxed to NRC, will be processed at buyer’s responsibility for any alterations and/or related cost(s).
Any changes made after the contract have been finalized, will have to be approved by the Office Manager or a Manufacturing Supervisor. If garment(s) has been cut and placed in production, NO changes will be honored.
Once garments are completed and the customer is notified by phone and/or email, then the customer or responsible party has 15 days to pick-up or retrieve garment(s). If garments are unclaimed after the 60 day time frame, from the deposit payment date, the client/customer understands and agrees to forfeit the NON-refundable deposit to cover the manufacturing costs.

Manufacturer’s Agreement

If garment(s) manufactured by NRC do not meet the specifications and/or measurements listed within your signed and dated contract, then NRC will be responsible for the necessary alterations for customer satisfaction. If there is an error of production, customer/client MUST notify NRC within 7 days of receipt of garment(s).
There is a 30 day satisfaction policy which states that if there are any problems with your garment(s), the customer or responsible party must notify NRC within 7 days of receipt and then must return the garment(s) to NRC within 30 days for inspection and or repair. After the 30 day timeframe, then the customer is responsible for the cost of alterations and/or repairs.

Deposit Agreement

A 50% minimum NON-Refundable deposit (half of the total cost) is required before ANY order/contract will be produced. Once your deposit is received, production will begin, NO EARLIER and NO EXCEPTIONS.
The garment(s) will begin process, and the final balance is due upon completion of the garment(s). Any order that is requested to be produced before the required time frame (RUSHED, before the 4 to 6 weeks) is required to pay the balance in full with a 15% surcharge, before the garment will be produced.

Customer Signature _________________________________________ Date _________

click to download all instructions in pdf format